There is a boat on the Greek Island of Ios (just above Santorini) and as I sat at my "usual table" at Aphrodites Restaurant in June 2022 the folk beside me exclaimed "that boat is just soooo iconic".

I had to agree with them and explain that in 2019 it had had the same effect on me to the extent that I had hung in during the covid years and was now (June 2022) back in Ios to complete this particular self-appointed project for

That project is to build a Map-App of a Walk that starts at the far end of the beach above (the little known Gialos Beach, aka Ormos Blue Flag Beach), past the boat, up and over Chora that you see in the far background and down the other side to the far side of the well known Mylopotas Beach (aka Mylopotamos Blue Flag Beach), a distance of 4.2 km with a 128 m rise.

You may Select the boat to go straight to the action but it may be wise to first read on below to avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered in 2019.

The first thing to realise is that a read of explains the main ingredient of my Map-Apps of Google Street View, BUT for Ios neither the Street View CAR nor TREKKER has ever been to the Island, nor has my "colleague" from Switzerland Jacques Lauber, whose panos proliferate the Cycladic Islands.

So Ios was virgin territory and I set about adding Street View (DIY Trekker wise) to the beach above and all the way UP to Chora, the "up" being my first mistake as I knew nothing of the frequent bus service that allows you to complete all of the Walk in segments going DOWNHILL. Also there are Restaurants at most access points to allow the Walks to be done in a relaxed and civilized manner.

I should also mention that one good aspect of covid is it allowed me to save up for a drone with panorama camera and the image above is clipped from one of the drone panos included in this Walk, in fact here is the full pano (at reduced size) to allow you to see the layout of the Port area plus Beach (and that boat of course).

To get an overall view of the Walk I have added an "All Walks Combined" Navigation Pane on the Walk #1 screen.

I have added some additional notes under the individual segments so please do the Virtual Walk and better still COME to Ios to do the Walk yourself.

Press to go to the Web-App.