This is a Service of and is presently a private initiative without input from the Bus Company except for the Timetables.

This Line takes you from the Port on the West side of Paros to the East side with its Beaches and Villages. Apart from the simple "A to B" function it is also a very scenic route that includes several "iconic" Greek Villages along the way.

In the Flyover Videos the Green Bus travels along the "Thin Red Line" leaving Green Tracks and the novel feature is that it is rendered in "Real Time" (and speeded up 12 times) meaning that it shows WHERE the Bus went, at what SPEED and where it STOPPED to let passengers on/off.

The particular trip recorded was the 4:00 PM trip from the Port on 14 June 2022 and the Bus was less than half full meaning that it did not stop at all Bus Stops. This can be perfected by recording a "special" trip stopping at all Bus Stops. This was one of the times during the day that the Line goes beyond Drios to Aspro Choria (Horia).

There are "Timing Captions" that pop up during the Video that keep tabs on the progress in minutes of the trip as F = Forward and R = Return.

For the Panoramas/Virtual Walks, I am happy to include my own (Camo Rama) Virtual Walk at Pano #6 (2019) as well as a Drone Pano at Pano #1 (2022), but even happier to be able to feature those of Jacques Lauber at Panos #2, #4, #5 and #7 (2016 and 2018) while Panos #3 and #8 are from the Google Car (2011).

Timetables are presently to be found via the Timetable Tab that takes you to the Bus Company Website but as explained at the Sat Nav Tab they might be under "Transit" in the future.